Cairns' Super Yacht Refrigeration Specialists. Custom Services, Completed To Exact Standards.

Cairns’ super yacht refrigeration specialists are the team at Casco Refrigeration Services. Established in the 1970s, Casco has consistently supplied first class refrigeration services to the super yacht or white boat industry in the Cairns region. We’re known for our quality work and attention to detail.

We know that when it comes to super yacht refrigeration systems and requirements, it goes beyond function. They must also deliver on form and style, achieved with bespoke designs and the use of quality materials. At Casco, some of the many custom-built Cairns super yacht refrigeration products we have designed, manufactured, installed and serviced include, but are not limited to, chilled water systems, chilled water air handlers and dehumidifiers.

We’ve worked on the refrigeration requirements of super yachts in several major Brisbane and Cairns shipyards. Our team of highly skilled and experienced technicians are fully mobile and we will install or service wherever your super yacht is undergoing a refit or repairs. Across Queensland, Australia and surrounding territories.

At Casco we deliver to your requirements. If you need a chilled water set, air handling unit or dehumidifier, custom built to fit your super yacht’s specific spaces, we make it happen. We’re familiar with designing efficient units to provide superior performance within the restricted areas available on board a super yacht. We’re completely conversant with the attention to detail and neatness required in such installations and we supply these units with an aesthetically pleasing finish, either professionally painted or polished stainless steel.

All of Casco’s Cairns super yacht chilled water sets are PLC controlled with variable frequency drives, electronic Tx valves and are totally computerized with touch pad controls optional. Custom made air handling units and de-humidifiers are manufactured and installed for those hard to fit areas.

If you are in the super yacht industry and need new refrigeration equipment for your boat, you can count on the Cairns super yacht refrigeration specialists, Casco Refrigeration Services. For more information contact us today on phone (07) 4051 4431 or

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