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Cairns’ seafood refrigeration and freezing fabrication specialists are Casco Refrigeration Services. Our business was founded in the 1970s to provide support and service to the seafood industry. We have the capacity to manufacture, install and service all types of equipment for the freezing, chilling and storage of any type of seafood product. This includes but is not limited to prawns, scampi, fish, abalone, bugs and squid.

Our fabrication expertise covers a range of Cairns seafood refrigeration and freezing equipment, which includes but is not limited to, blast freezers, chilled process water, plate freezers, brine systems and the compressor/condenser sets required to run them. Our brine system fabrication service is first class and in demand, with many of our clients finding that brine freezing is the most energy efficient way to freeze product quickly.

Screw compressor installations for new and existing systems are another specialty and we pride ourselves on continual innovation, in our design and fabrication abilities, to meet the demand of new and existing customers. As the on-board freezing, refrigeration and storage requirements of prawn trawler and fishing fleets have increased, so too has the need for effective and reliable screw compressors. Casco Refrigeration Services delivers, using quality parts and componentry to manufacture superior screw compressor units.

Casco are the marine refrigeration experts. We’ve been fabricating, installing and servicing freezing and refrigeration equipment to this industry for decades. We’ve overcome the many ‘problems’ and unique challenges faced in this environment, including lack of space, choosing the correct materials to provide durable performance in the corrosive marine environment, and minimising the impact of vibration and other factors on our products.

Whether you need our services for a new vessel, or repairs on an existing system, Casco Refrigeration Services are the ‘go to’ team you can count on. We deliver experience, expertise and mobility. That’s why we are the preferred contractor of choice for some of the biggest names in the industry, including Austral Fisheries, Raptis Premium Seafood, Ocean Wild and more.

Based in Cairns our team of seafood refrigeration and freezing fabrication specialists complete their work for clients located across Australia and surrounding regions. From Hobart and Launceston, to Karumba and Weipa, Cairns, Townsville and across North Queensland and all of the major southern centres, including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Fremantle, Port Lincoln and Adelaide. For more information contact us today on phone (07) 4051 4431 or

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