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Cairns’ marine and seafood refrigeration specialists are Casco Refrigeration Services, meeting the needs of clients across the city, Cape, Gulf, Torres Strait Islands and around Australia. Casco started out in the 1970s focussing on marine refrigeration services, it’s our specific area of expertise. Today, we are leaders in the field of marine and seafood freezing, refrigeration, chilling and storage.

We build and install quality marine and seafood refrigeration systems that use specialized seawater resistant materials, such as copper-nickel alloy and stainless steel to provide superior durability and performance. We have the capability of servicing and installing all types of marine refrigeration systems including purse seiners, stern trawlers, prawn trawlers, ocean going cargo vessels and the ever luxurious super yachts.

At Casco Refrigeration Services we’ve invested in our team, equipment and ongoing training to provide us with the capabilities to manufacture, install and service all types of equipment for the freezing, chilling and storage of any type of seafood product. Our range of Cairns marine and seafood refrigeration equipment includes, but is not limited to, blast freezers, chilled process water, plate freezers, brine systems and the compressor/condenser sets required to run them.

Screw compressor installations for new and existing systems are a specialty. Casco Refrigeration Services also rebuild all types of industrial and marine refrigerant compressors and will travel extensively across Australia, to complete your job. We can customise our marine and seafood refrigeration and freezing equipment and services, to meet the requirements of your boat, fleet and operations.

Size is not an issue. At Casco, because we can design, manufacture and install, there’s no boat too big or small for us to work on. When you choose Casco as your preferred contractor for these specialised services and industry, you are choosing a team who are experienced, efficient and mobile. We’ll optimise your marine and seafood refrigeration and freezing equipment, to enable you to process bulk product whilst maintaining its freshness and integrity.

Our marine and seafood refrigeration customers include some of the biggest names in the industry. We work with trawlers and fleets which are operating in all parts of Australia and our team regularly travel to meet demand. We have completed projects and services in Fremantle, Port Lincoln, Adelaide, Hobart, Launceston, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Townsville, Bundaberg, Cairns, Weipa and Karumba.

If you are in the marine and seafood industry and need new equipment for freezing, refrigerating, chilling and/or storing your haul, you can count on the Cairns marine and seafood refrigeration specialists, Casco Refrigeration Services. For more information contact us today on phone (07) 4051 4431 or

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