Industrial Refrigeration and the Carbon Tax

carbon tax

This company has always serviced the needs of the large cold storage and process freezing facilities all over Aus. With the introduction of a carbon tax, the price of the most common used refrigerants in medium and small sized facilities, is set to increase, in some cases more than 300%. This puts an astronomical burden on some operators in the event of refrigerant leakage or a total refrigerant loss. If you are envisaging upgrading or installing a new cold store or freezing facility, it would certainly be wise to investigate the use of some of the older and newer refrigerants that attract very little or no carbon tax.

Ammonia is an old style refrigerant with a very good performance to cost operating ratio for chillers and freezers and no carbon tax. This refrigerant has been around along time, and, as a result has a plethora of equipment and technology suitable for its installation.
Co2 is the newest style refrigerant for freezer use only, with a good operating cost to performance ratio, and, has very little carbon tax.
Both of these refrigerants are more economical than the existing conventional refrigerants and use the least amount of power to generate the most cooling effect.

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