Established in the mid 1970s
professional, long standing and reliable, is what sets us apart!

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Casco Refrigeration Services is Australia’s leading and innovative industrial refrigeration contractors. Based in Cairns North Queensland, who specialize in all aspects of industrial refrigeration, perishable product freezing, including marine refrigeration, cold stores, factory and industrial applications.

We manufacture product freezing equipment including plate freezers, blast freezers, and all associated equipment. We manufacture our own pressure vessels, heat exchangers, and compressor racks, to suit each and every differing need. Having more than 30 years of experience in the design, manufacture, installation and service of an extensive range of appliances and machinery, we are constantly carrying out research and development to increase the range and effectiveness of items we can manufacture and install.

We cater for the marine environment, including fishing vessels and super yachts, and understand the differing needs of both.

We understand the requirement for large freezing capabilities of the modern day fishing vessel, with the capability of freezing delicate products as quickly as possible so as to sustain the greatest integrity and freshness of the product with minimal waste.

We also are completely in touch with the needs of super yachts and their requirements of neatness, cleanliness, and aesthetically pleasing products and services.

With a range of clients based around Australia, Casco Refrigeration Services will bring their expertise to you, no matter where you are based. Successful contracts have been completed from Hobart to Karumba and everywhere in between. For your convenience, we will install and service, wherever you are located.

The whole freezing system was installed with a minimum of fuss, and, in a very professional manner. It operates efficiently. I could not ask for better quality of work and a better result. Our goal was achieved.

Gavin Stone, Engineering Manager for Cousins Ice

If you need an item of freezing equipment, chilling equipment or air conditioning equipment, of unusual size or capability, contact Casco Refrigeration Services today.

Casco Refrigeration Services’ first class technicians are specialists in their field, with capabilities that are second to none.

  • Freezer & Chiller Storage Equipment
  • Chilled Water Systems
  • Marine Air Conditioning
  • Cruise Vessels
  • Super Yachts